Add a Calculation activity to a task

Users can add calculation activities that can be used to auto-calculate a quantity while executing a Job...

Steps to add calculation activity:

  • Select Calculation activity from the list of 'Add Activity' dropdown 

  • Enter the Label for the activity, description, and the Unit of measurement for the added calculation activity.

  • Users can add parameters that will be used as input data for the calculation
     1. Click on Add Parameters

    2. Enter the name of the parameter and select a value for the parameter from the listed dropdown.

    3. To add multiple parameters Click on the Add+ button and you can configure multiple               parameters.

    4. Click on Save and the added parameters will be listed down and can now to used to                 configure a Formula.
  • Write the required formula by using various mathematical operators in the Write Calculation box.

  • A preview of added formula will be displayed in the Preview section that will help you enter the correct formula and minimize the errors.

    1. While writing a formula you can input only those variables which are available as the first column in the Added Parameters list. If you try to add a formula with a parameter other than in the available Added Parameters list, the system will throw an error as shown below:
    2. Also the calculation box is case sensitive
     for example, if you have added a parameter as A and your formula has an input of a, the system will show an error message as below: