How to Share a Global Checklist with a Facility

Global Admins can share a Published Global Checklist with one or more facilities in the organization from the Global Portal by using the Sharing feature of the checklist

Steps to Share a Global Checklist:

  • Login to the Application and Navigate to the Global Portal.

    Note: Only Authorized users can access the Global Portal. 
  • Select a checklist available in the Published Checklists tab.
  • Click on the 'More' dropdown menu in the Actions column and Select the 'Sharing' option.

  • A Process Sharing Modal is displayed.
  • In the Process Sharing Modal, select the facility you want to share the checklist with from the dropdown.

  • Click on Save. A success notification is displayed on the screen for sharing the checklist.
  • The Checklist will be visible to the users in the same use case of the selected facility and is now ready for Users to execute Jobs.

    Share a Global Checklist 👇

Steps to Stop sharing a Global Checklist:

  • To stop sharing a Checklist, select a shared checklist and Click on the 'More' dropdown menu in the Actions column.
  • In the displayed Process Sharing Modal, deselect the Facility you want to stop sharing the checklist with from the list.

  • Click on Save. The checklist will no longer be visible in the previously selected facility.

    Stop Sharing a Global Checklist 👇

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