Ensuring Solo Task Execution Integrity

Solo Task Lock feature ensures that only the task's initial executor can start the locked task, safeguarding task integrity.

  1. Access the Leucine platform using the provided URL.    
  2. Log in with the credentials of the user assigned to execute the Task.    
  3. Navigate to the specific job by clicking on its ID or name from the dashboard or the tasks list.    
  4. Click on the task you're assigned to, which has the Solo Task Lock enabled.    
  5. Attempt to start the task. As the initial executor, the task should start without issues.   
  6. After your session, log out from the platform.    
  7. Another user assigned to the same task tries to log in using their valid credentials. This user should also navigate to the same job and task as earlier.    
  8. When they attempt to start the same Solo locked task, an error message will be displayed, indicating that the task is locked to solo execution by another user.    
  9. This error message confirms that the Solo Task Lock feature is working as intended to protect the task's execution integrity.