Handling Error Corrections in Deviation Approval Workflow

Learn how to manage and complete error corrections within the Deviation Approval Workflow to successfully complete a job.

  1. Log in to the system with your Operator credentials.   
  2. Navigate to the job containing the task that requires error correction. 
  3. Find and open task [TASK_Q] from job [JOB_E].   
  4. Complete task [TASK_Q] then enable the error correction feature but do not finalize the task. 
  5. Proceed to complete all other tasks associated with job [JOB_E].   
  6. Attempt to click on the 'Complete Job' button; an alert or error message should appear, indicating the incomplete correction on task [TASK_Q]. 
  7. Return to task [TASK_Q] and perform the necessary error correction by updating the required field(s).
  8. Confirm the update by clicking the confirm button. 
  9. Now click on the 'Complete Job' button again. The job should now complete successfully.