How to Add a 'Create Object' Task Action in Your Prototype ?

Easily add a 'Create Object' task action to your prototype by following these simple steps.

  1. Log into the system and navigate to your prototype.   
  2. Click on 'Configure Actions' to modify actions for your prototype.   
  3. In the 'Action Label' field, type in the unique identifier for your new action, for example, 'ACTION_01'. 
  4. From the 'Action Type' dropdown menu, select 'Create Object'.   
  5. Choose the specific object you wish to create by selecting from the 'Object Type' dropdown, ensuring it matches your requirement.   
  6. Click on 'Add' to include this action in your list of configured actions.   
  7. Remember to save your changes by clicking on 'Save All'. 
  8. To review or modify this action later, navigate back to 'Configure Actions' and click on the previously created action, identified as 'ACTION_01' or another unique label you decided upon.