How to Add a Date Object Property for an Existing Object Type ?

You can add a date property to an object type through the Ontology page by identifying the object, adding a new property, and setting its type to 'Date'.

  1. Navigate to the Ontology page on your dashboard.    
  2. Click on the existing object type you wish to modify from the list displayed.    
  3. Scroll down to the section listing all the properties associated with the selected object type.   
  4. Click on the option to add a new object property for your chosen object type.    
  5. In the 'Label' field, type in the name you wish to give to the new object property and complete any other required fields in the form.    
  6. Click on the 'Next' button to proceed.    From the list of available property types, select 'Date'.    
  7. Finalize the process by clicking on 'Create'.   
  8. Return to the properties list for the selected object type to confirm the addition of the new date property.