How to Add a 'Set Property' Action to Your Prototype

Add 'Set Property' action to a prototype by configuring actions and setting parameters.

  1. Navigate to the prototype.    
  2. Click on 'Configure Actions'.    
  3. Specify the action label by entering the desired name into the label field.    
  4. Choose 'Set Property' as the Action Type from the available options.    
  5. Select the resource you want to modify from the resource list.    
  6. Pick the specific property of the object you wish to set from the object property options.    
  7. Select the value you want to assign to the property.    
  8. Click on 'Add' to include this action in your prototype.    
  9. Save your changes by clicking on 'Save All'.    
  10. To review or edit the action you've just created, navigate back to 'Configure Actions' and click on the action label you defined.