How to Add 'Increase Property' Action to Your Prototype ?

Easily add an 'Increase Property' action to your prototype by navigating to Configure Actions.

  1. Navigate to your prototype.    
  2. Click on 'Configure Actions'.    
  3. In the Action label field, enter a name for your action.    
  4. For Action Type, select 'Increase Property' from the dropdown menu.    
  5. Choose the resource parameter you wish to use.    
  6. Select the number parameter to define the increase amount.    
  7. Pick the object property you intend to increase.    
  8. Click on 'Add' to insert the action.    
  9. To save your configurations, click on 'Save All'.    
  10. Go back to 'Configure Actions' to view or edit your action.    
  11. Click on your newly created action to review or modify it.