How to Archive a User Group ?

You can archive a user group from the 'Users and Access Management' module by selecting the group and confirming the archive action.

  1. Enter the URL to access the system.    
  2. Log in to the system as the System Administrator with your credentials.    
  3. Navigate to the 'Users and Access Management' module.    
  4. Select the 'User Groups' tab.    
  5. Identify the user group that needs to be archived.    
  6. Click on the more button in the Actions column for the selected user group.    
  7. Select the 'Archive' option from the available actions.    
  8. Enter the reason for archiving the user group in the 'Enter Reason' pop-up.    
  9. Click 'Confirm' to archive the user group.    
  10. Observe a toast notification indicating the successful archival of the user group.    
  11. Verify that the archived user group is no longer listed as an active group.