How to Assign Users to a Job ?

You can assign users to a job by navigating to the job details and selecting users for assignment.

  1. Navigate to the list of created Jobs.    
  2. Select the created Job.    
  3. Select the button to Bulk assign tasks.    
  4. Select Task 1.1.    
  5. Select the button to Assign.    
  6. Select the Users you want to assign to the task.    
  7. Select the button to confirm the assignment.    
  8. To verify the assignment, first log in as one of the assigned users and navigate to the Inbox's 'Pending on Me' Tab.    
  9. Log out and repeat the verification process for each assigned user by logging in as each and navigating to their 'Pending on Me' Tab.    
  10. To check if a user was not assigned to a task, log in as the user and navigate to the Inbox to confirm no related tasks appear in the 'Pending on Me' tab.