How to Configure a Set Property Action for a Number Parameter in a Create Job Form ?

Easily configure a Set Property action for a number parameter in a Create Job Form by adding a new action in the task settings.

  1. Navigate to the prototype that contains the task you wish to configure.    
  2. Ensure the prototype has the required Number, Should Be, and Calculation parameters, and that an Object type with number-based properties exists.    
  3. Go to the task settings by clicking on 'Configure Actions'.    
  4. Click on 'Add New Action' to create a new action.    
  5. Enter the name of the action in the 'Action Label' field.    
  6. Choose the trigger type for this action from the 'Type of Trigger' dropdown menu. Set the Action Type to 'Set Property'.    
  7. From the 'Resource Parameter' dropdown, select the parameter you wish to modify. In the 'Object Property' field, choose the object property that the parameter will modify. 
  8. Select 'One - Parameter' to specify the parameter's targeting mode.    
  9. Choose the relevant parameter from the 'Parameter' dropdown list that you wish to be affected by this action.    
  10. Click on 'Save' to store your configuration.    
  11. Review the configuration setup to ensure it was properly set.