How to Configure a Set Property Action with 'should Be' Parameter ?

Easily configure a Set Property action to include a 'should Be' parameter at the end of a task within your software.

  1. Navigate to the main dashboard of your software.   
  2. Find and click on the 'Configure Actions' button. 
  3. Inside the Configure Actions section, click on the 'Add New Action' button to create a new task action.   
  4. Enter a descriptive label for your action in the 'Action Label' input field.   
  5. From the 'Type of Trigger' dropdown menu, select the trigger type that you wish your action to respond to.   
  6. Choose 'Set Property' as the Action Type from the available options. 
  7. In the 'Resource Parameter' selection, pick the resource parameter you want to apply the action to.   
  8. Identify and select the particular object property you wish to set by choosing from the 'Object Property' dropdown.   
  9. For setting the parameter, choose 'One - Parameter' from the available choices.   
  10. From the 'Parameter' dropdown menu, select the specific parameter you desire to use for this action.   
  11. After configuring all settings, click the 'Save' button to store your action configuration.
  12. Finally, review the configuration you have just saved to ensure it has been set up correctly.