How to Configure Trained Users for Each Task of a Process ?

Easily assign trained users to tasks within a process by navigating through the 'Published' Processes section.

  1. Log into the system with your credentials.    
  2. Navigate to the 'Published' Processes tab on the dashboard.    
  3. Select the process you wish to configure from the list of published processes.    
  4. Click on the 'More' dropdown list associated with the selected process.    
  5. Choose 'Trained Users' from the dropdown options.    
  6. In the Users Tab, click on the 'Assign Users' button to add users to this process.    
  7. Select the users by clicking on their names and then click on the 'save' button to confirm your selection.    
  8. Click on the 'Assign Task' tab to proceed with task assignments.    
  9. Select 'Stage Number 1' from the stages list.    
  10. Click on the button at the top right corner to assign the selected tasks, and choose a user from the list.
  11. First, assign tasks to the first user.    
  12. Close the acknowledgment dialog box that pops up after each assignment.    
  13. Select 'Stage Number 1' again from the stages list to assign tasks to the second user by following the same steps.    
  14. Repeat the assignment process for any other stages and tasks as required.    
  15. Ensure all stages are expanded to review or modify any task assignments.