How to Create a Job Scheduler for a Process ?

You can easily create a job scheduler for a process through the Scheduler option in the process menu.

  1. Navigate to the published process you wish to create a scheduler for.    
  2. Click on 'More' and select the 'Scheduler' option from the dropdown.    
  3. Click on the 'Create Scheduler' button to initiate the scheduler setup.    
  4. Specify a label for your new job scheduler for easy identification.    
  5. Click on 'Next' to proceed to the scheduler configuration.    
  6. Verify the name of the process you are creating the scheduler for is correct.    
  7. Click on 'Next' to continue with the setup.    
  8. Select a Start Date and Time for when the scheduler should initiate the process.    
  9. Choose how long after the start time the process is due to finish by selecting a 'Due After' time frame.    
  10. Set the recurrence of the scheduled job to 'Daily' for it to repeat every day.    
  11. Click on 'Create' to finalize the creation of your job scheduler.