How to Create Branching Rules Using Process Parameters ?

Easily create branching rules by navigating to the Branching rules tab within your prototype settings.

  1. Log into the system and ensure you have a prototype created with at least one Single Select dropdown parameter.    
  2. Navigate to your Prototype from the main dashboard.    
  3. Go to the Branching rules tab located within the prototype settings.    
  4. Find the 'Single Select dropdown' parameter you want to create rules for and click on 'Add'.    
  5. To create a rule for hiding a parameter based on a selection, fill out the form by choosing the specific value from the dropdown.
  6. Then, from the 'Then' dropdown, select 'Hide' and choose the parameter you wish to hide.    
  7. Click on 'Save' to apply this rule.    
  8. For creating a rule to show a parameter, fill out another form by selecting another value from the dropdown.
  9. This time, choose 'Show' from the 'Then' dropdown, and select the parameter you wish to show.    
  10. Click on 'Save' again to finalize this rule.    
  11. You can now test these rules by interacting with the Single Select dropdown in your prototype to ensure the parameters are shown or hidden according to your settings.