How to Edit an Existing Object in Your Software ?

Users with the Facility Admin role can edit existing objects by navigating to the Ontology page, selecting the object, and modifying its properties.

  1. Navigate to the Ontology page from the main menu.    
  2. Select the object type you wish to edit from the list of Object Types.    
  3. From the objects list, click on the 'Test Object Name' you intend to edit.    
  4. On the object's detail page, click on 'View Properties'.    
  5. In the properties form, locate the specific property you want to change.    
  6. Edit the fields as required. For example, change a property from its current value to a new value.   
  7. After making the necessary changes, click the 'Save' button to apply the edits.    
  8. A confirmation message appears indicating the object has been successfully updated.