How to Enable Self-Verification for a Parameter During Process Configuration ?

Enable self-verification easily by selecting a checkbox during the editing of a process parameter.

  1. Navigate to your prototype where you wish to configure a process.    
  2. Locate the specific parameter you want to edit within your prototype.    
  3. Click on the edit icon next to the parameter to open its settings.    
  4. In the setup options, look for the 'Self-Verification' checkbox.    
  5. Select the 'Self-Verification' checkbox by clicking on it, then click the 'Next' button to proceed.    
  6. Confirm your changes by clicking on the 'Save' button. This will apply the self-verification feature to the parameter.    
  7. To verify the setting, hover over the parameter and click on the edit icon again.    
  8. Navigate to the 'Setup' tab to ensure the 'Self-Verification' checkbox is selected.