How to Execute Set Property Action for Number Parameter in Create Job Form ?

Execute Set Property actions with number parameters on tasks in your jobs through the Create Job Form easily.

  1. Navigate to your Process Dashboard.    
  2. Locate the process labeled 'P1' and click the 'Create Job' button associated with it.
  3. In the Create Job Form, select the object labeled 'O1' from the available options.    
  4. Click the 'Assign and Start Job' button to initiate the job with the selected object.    
  5. Once the job has started, open the task labeled 'T1'.    
  6. In the task view, look for the 'Set Property' action targeted at a number parameter and input a user-defined value in the provided field.    
  7. After entering the necessary value, confirm the action to apply the set property operation.  
  8. Complete the task by following the on-screen instructions or pressing the 'Complete Task' button.    
  9. Verify that the 'Set Property' action has been executed successfully by reviewing the task or job details page.