How to Execute the Multi Select Dropdown Process Parameter of a Job ?

Assignees can execute a multi-select dropdown process by selecting one or more options from the dropdown list provided in the job task.

  1. Go to the specified Job and locate the Task with a Multi Select Dropdown Process Parameter.    
  2. If the Task is not already started, click on the 'Start Task' button to begin.    
  3. Navigate to the Process parameter section and click on the Dropdown to view the list of options.    
  4. Select your desired option from the dropdown list. You can select more than one option by holding down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) key as you click.    
  5. After making your selection(s), wait for approximately 1 minute.    
  6. Click on the Dropdown again to verify or adjust your selections.
  7. You can choose additional options or remove previously selected ones following the same method.    
  8. Confirm your final selections to proceed with the Task execution.