How to Filter and Create a Job Based on Equipment ID and Equipment Type ?

You can easily filter and create a new job by selecting the specific Equipment ID and Equipment Type during the job creation process.

  1. Log in to the application with Supervisor access rights.    
  2. Navigate to the Objects list by selecting the 'Objects' section from the main menu.    
  3. From the Objects list, choose the specific Object Type you’re looking for.    
  4. Select the Object that matches your requirements from the filtered list.    
  5. Proceed to the 'Process' section to start creating a new job, ensuring all mandatory fields are filled out as required.    
  6. Click on the 'Create Job & Continue' button to finalize the job setup. 
  7. To verify the job creation, navigate to the 'Jobs' tab from the main menu.    
  8. Under the 'Jobs' section, locate the 'Created' subsection to confirm the visibility of your newly created job.