How to Handle Deviation Approval While Interacting With Other Parameters in a Task

You can submit an out-of-range deviation for approval and still interact with other parameters within the same task seamlessly.

  1. Navigate to the Job dashboard and start the desired Job. 
  2. From the Job dashboard, start the specific Task you want to work on.   
  3. Locate the 'Should Be' parameter field and enter a value that is out of its predefined range. 
  4. In the prompted field, specify the reason for entering an out-of-range value for the 'Should Be' parameter. 
  5. Click on 'Submit' to send the deviation for approval. 
  6. While the deviation is pending approval, proceed to interact with other parameters in the task, such as selecting a value from the single select dropdown parameter.   
  7. Continue with your task or Job as needed, knowing the deviation has been submitted and is under review.