How to Handle Scanning an Incorrect Object Type ?

When you encounter an issue with scanning the wrong object type, the selection will not be permitted.

  1. Begin by starting the job on your device.   
  2. Proceed to start the task that requires selecting an object of a specific type. 
  3. If you accidentally scan an object that does not match the required object type, the system will not allow you to select the scanned object. 
  4. In such a case, ensure you have the correct object type handy. This might involve generating or obtaining a QR code for the correct object type.   
  5. Scan the QR Code of the correct object type to continue with your task. 
  6. If the system rejects the scanned object again, double-check to ensure that you are scanning the object type required for the task. 
  7. Once the correct object is scanned and accepted, you can proceed with the rest of the task as per usual. 
  8. If you continue to face issues, consult the troubleshooting section of this knowledge base or contact technical support for further assistance.