How to Initiate the Signing Process by Sending the Prototype Back to the Author ?

Only the final reviewer can initiate the signing process by sending the prototype back to the author.

  1. Ensure the prototype is currently under review and assigned to multiple reviewers.   
  2. If you are not the final reviewer, complete your review but do not look for the 'Send to Author' option as it will not be available. 
  3. Only when all previous reviews are completed, login to the application as the final reviewer. 
  4. Navigate to the dashboard or the specific section where the review process is accessible. 
  5. Select the prototype you are reviewing. 
  6. Complete your review of the prototype. Make sure to finalize any comments or feedback as necessary. 
  7. Locate the 'Send to Author' option. This option should now be visible to you as the final reviewer. 
  8. Click on the 'Send to Author' option to initiate the signing process.   
  9. Confirm the action if prompted to ensure the prototype is sent back to the author for signing.