How to Perform Peer Verification for a Process Parameter ?

Users can request and perform peer verification for process parameters through the Verification tab.

  1. Login with your user account.    
  2. Navigate to the Task within the specific Stage of the Job you are working on.    
  3. Start the task you've been assigned.    
  4. Enter the required process parameter information as directed.    
  5. Click on 'Request verification' to initiate the peer verification process.    
  6. Select the user group designated for peer verification from the dropdown menu.    
  7. Submit your peer verification request.    Log out of your account.    
  8. Log in with the account of the user responsible for performing the peer verification.    
  9. Go to the 'Verification Tab' found within the Inbox section.    
  10. Look for the open Verification request and click 'View'.    
  11. Approve the verification by clicking on 'Approve' and provide your signature to confirm.