How to Properly Start a Task with Preceding Task Requirements in Our System ?

Ensure all prerequisite tasks with a 'Stop' are completed before starting a new task.

  1. Log into the system with your user credentials.    
  2. Navigate to the Job section and select the relevant Job.    
  3. Find the Stage within the Job where your task is located.    
  4. Try to click on the 'Start Task' button for your designated task. If unable, proceed to the next step.
  5. Look for any task marked with a 'Stop' in the sequence before your task.    
  6. Complete all these tasks first, ensuring you adhere to any 'Stop' requirements.    
  7. Once all prerequisite tasks with a 'Stop' are completed, return to your original task.    
  8. Click on the 'Start Task' button to commence your task.