How to Provide a Reason for Late Completion of a Recurrence Task ?

Ensure accountability by submitting a reason for the delay when a task is overdue.

  1. Navigate to the Recurrence Task section on your dashboard.   
  2. Locate and select the task that is overdue.   
  3. Start the task if not already in progress and wait until the task becomes overdue.   
  4. Once the task is overdue, an option to submit a reason for the delay will become available. 
  5. Click on the provided area to enter your reason for the late completion of the task.   
  6. After entering your reason, click on the 'Submit' button to send your explanation.   
  7. To finalize the process, click on 'End Recurrence' and then confirm your decision to end the task recurrence.
  8. Ensure that the process completion message is displayed, confirming that your reason has been submitted and the recurrence has been ended.