How to Re-submit a Process for Review and Manage Reviewers ?

Authors can easily re-submit processes for review and add or remove reviewers during the review cycle.

  1. Log in to the system with your author account.   
  2. Navigate to the process you wish to submit for review.   
  3. Click on 'Submit For Review' located at the top right corner of the process page.   
  4. Click on 'Confirm' to initiate the submission.   
  5. Click the 'Collaborators' icon, also at the top right.   
  6. Open the list of Reviewers.   
  7. Select the reviewer you wish to add by clicking on their name.   
  8. Click 'Confirm' to add the selected reviewer.   
  9. Inform the added reviewer to check their email for the review notification. 
  10. If you need to remove a reviewer, click on the 'Collaborators' icon again.   
  11. Deselect the reviewer you wish to remove by clicking on their name.   
  12. Click 'Confirm' to remove the reviewer from the review process.   
  13. Inform the removed reviewer that they have been unassigned from the process review.