How to Register via an Invite Link ?

You can register via an invite link by following the straightforward steps detailed below.

1. Open the invitation email sent to your registered email address.    

2. Click on the 'Register with Leucine' link or copy-paste the provided URL into a web browser.    

3. Enter the Secret Key provided and click 'Identify me'.  

4. Input your Employee ID and click on 'Verify'.    

5. Choose your desired Username and enter it in the designated field.    

6. Create a Password that follows the specified password policy and enter it in the 'PASSWORD' field.    

7. Click on the 'Register' button to proceed.    

8. For the Recovery option, select a Challenge Question from the list and provide your Answer in the related field.    

9. Click on 'Continue' to finalize registration.    

10. After registration, log out of the system to ensure the process is complete.    

11. Optionally, log in as the System Administrator and navigate to the 'Session Activity' Section to verify the new user's registration and activity.