How to Resend an Invitation and Register for New Users ?

System Admins can easily resend an invitation to users, enabling them to register successfully.

  1. Login to the system as the System Admin using your credentials.    
  2. Navigate to the user management section and select the user who needs a new invitation.    
  3. Click on 'Resend Invitation' to send a new registration link to the user's email address.
  4. Ask the user to check their email for the new invitation from the system.    
  5. The user should then open the email and look for the 'Register Yourself' link or button.
  6. Clicking on 'Register Yourself' will redirect the user to the registration page of the system.    
  7. The user must enter the Secret Key provided in the email and select 'Identify me' to proceed.    
  8. Next, the user needs to enter their Employee ID and select 'Verify' to confirm their identity.    
  9. The user will be prompted to create a new Username and Password; they should fill in these details and click on 'Register'.    
  10. Then, the user is asked to select a Security Question and provide an answer in the 'Enter Your Answer' field.    
  11. Finally, the user should click on 'Continue' to complete the registration process.