How to Retrieve Previously Used Values for a New Process Setup ?

Easily recall past values for a new process creation by following the drop-down suggestions.

  1. Navigate to the Prototype Page on your dashboard.   
  2. Click on 'Start a New Prototype' to initiate a new process.   
  3. Type in the desired name for your new process in the 'Name of the Process' field.   
  4. Enter the type of equipment you plan to use. As you type, a drop-down list will appear displaying previously used options.   
  5. For the 'Change Control Reference', start typing to view a list of pre-existing values. Select one from the displayed list. 
  6. Fill in all other required fields marked as mandatory to complete the process setup.   
  7. Once all information is correctly filled, click on 'Submit' to finalize the creation of your new process.