How to Review a Correction Request ?

Review assigned correction requests by accessing the 'Corrections' section on your dashboard, making a decision, and submitting your review.

  1. Log in to the Leucine platform using your valid credentials.    
  2. Navigate to the 'Corrections' section located in your user inbox, or locate the correction request notification designated for your review.    
  3. Click on the correction request to access its details.    
  4. Review the corrected value, compare it with the original value, and read any accompanying remarks or documentation provided.    
  5. Decide whether the correction should be approved or rejected based on its accuracy, relevance, and compliance with any applicable standards or guidelines.    
  6. If approving, document your decision in the 'Reviewer Remarks' section and proceed to submit the review.    
  7. If rejecting, enter the reason for rejection in the 'Reviewer Remarks' section to provide feedback.    
  8. Complete the review process by entering your password when prompted to confirm and submit your decision.