How to Set Task Level Conditions for Job Initiation or Completion ?

Easily configure conditions to define when a task should start or complete by setting up specific triggers and conditions.

  1. Navigate to the specific task you want to configure and click on 'Configure Conditions'.
  2. Enter a label for the condition to help you identify it later.    
  3. Select the trigger for the condition.
  4. For initiating or completing a job, choose 'When task is completed'.
  5. Specify the type of object you're setting the condition for by selecting an object type from the available list.    
  6. Determine which property of the object the condition should apply to by selecting an object property.    
  7. Set the condition by specifying what needs to be true for the action to be triggered (e.g., equals, greater than).    
  8. Enter the value that the object property needs to meet for the condition to be satisfied.  
  9. Input an error message that will be displayed if the condition is not met.    
  10. Click on the 'Save' button to apply the conditions to the task.