How to Share a Published Global Process with Multiple Facilities ?

Share a published global process by navigating to the Global Portal and using the Sharing option.

  1. Log in to the system with your Global Admin account.    
  2. Select the Global Portal from the main menu.    
  3. Navigate to the list of Published Processes.    
  4. Find and select the Global Process you wish to share.    
  5. Click on the 'More' dropdown menu associated with the selected global process.    
  6. Choose the 'Sharing' option from the dropdown menu.    
  7. In the sharing menu, select the facilities you wish to share the process with.    
  8. Click on 'Save' to confirm sharing with the selected facilities.    
  9. To verify, navigate to the first facility's portal and check the list of Published Processes for the newly shared global process.    
  10. Repeat the verification for the second facility's portal to ensure the process has been shared successfully.