How to Successfully Register a New User in the System ?

New users can be registered in the system through the Admin panel by following a sequence of straightforward steps.

1. Enter the system portal URL to access the login page.    

2. Login with the System Admin account credentials.    

3. Navigate to the top right corner and click on the 'Add a new User' option.    

4. Fill in the new user's details (First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, Department) and assign them the 'Facility Admin' role.

5. Choose the appropriate facility but leave the Email ID field blank.    

6. Click on the 'Save Changes' button.    

7. Note the Secret Key presented in the dialogue box that appears after saving, then close the box.    

8. Logout from the Admin account.    

9. On the Login page, click on 'Register Yourself'.    

10. Enter the previously noted Secret Key and click on 'Identify me'.    

11. Provide the Employee ID when prompted and click on 'Verify'.    

12. Fill in the registration form with a Username and Password (entering the Password twice for confirmation).    

13. Choose a Security Question, provide an answer for it, and click 'Continue'.    

14. After registration is complete, log out.