How to Update a Process After It's Been Returned for Corrections ?

You can update a submitted process for corrections directly through your dashboard.

  1. Log in to your account on the platform.    
  2. Navigate to the 'My Submissions' or 'Dashboard' section.    
  3. Find the process that has been returned for corrections under a section titled 'Needs Correction' or similar.    
  4. Click on the process title to open the details.    
  5. Review the comments or reasons for correction listed in the process details.    
  6. Click on the 'Update Process' or 'Edit' button to make changes.    
  7. Make the necessary updates to the process based on the review comments.    
  8. Once all corrections have been made, review your changes to ensure accuracy.    
  9. Click the 'Submit' or 'Resubmit' button to send the updated process for review.    
  10. You will receive a confirmation message stating that your process has been resubmitted.    
  11. Wait for the review process to complete; you will be notified of the outcome.