How to Update a User Group as a System Administrator ?

Easily update the details of a user group, including names and members, through the 'User and Access Management' module.

  1. Enter the system URL to access the website.    
  2. Log in as a System Administrator using your credentials.    
  3. Navigate to the 'Users and Access Management' module.    
  4. Click on the 'User Groups' tab.    
  5. Find the user group you wish to edit.    
  6. In the Actions column for the selected user group, click on the more button.    
  7. Choose the 'Edit' option from the dropdown menu.    
  8. In the edit form, change the group name as required.    
  9. Add any new users or remove any existing users from the group.    
  10. Enter the reason for the changes in the provided reason box.    
  11. Click the 'Update' button to save your changes.    
  12. Look for a toast notification confirming the successful update of the user group.