How to Verify Process Sign-off Readiness after Reviewer Approval ?

Ensure a process is ready for author sign-off once all designated reviewers mark it as 'All Ok'.

  1. Login with your reviewer credentials.    
  2. Select the appropriate PROCESS Category from the dashboard.    
  3. Navigate to the 'Processes' page, then access the 'Processes' tab.    
  4. Find and select the process you are assigned to review.    
  5. Click on 'Start Review' to begin your review of the process.    
  6. Confirm the start of your review by clicking on 'Confirm'.    
  7. To submit your review, click on 'Provide Review'.    
  8. Choose 'All Ok' if the process meets all requirements and submit without any comments.    
  9. Confirm your review submission by clicking on 'Confirm'.    
  10. Log out of your account.    
  11. Repeat the steps for the next assigned reviewer by logging in with their credentials.
  12. After all reviews are submitted, log back in with the first reviewer’s credentials.    
  13. Select the same PROCESS Category and navigate to the list of Processes.    
  14. Click on the process you reviewed to view its status.    
  15. If the process is now marked as ready for sign-off, click on 'Send to Author' and then 'Confirm' to complete the process.