Understanding Executor Locked Tasks

Executor Locked Tasks ensure only authorized users can perform specific tasks based on pre-defined criteria.

  1. Access the Leucine platform using the provided URL.    
  2. Log in to the system using valid credentials.    
  3. Navigate to the job dashboard and locate the specific job you're assigned to.    
  4. Open the job to view its tasks.    
  5. Find the task with an Executor Lock enabled.
  6. This task will have specific requirements for who can execute it.    
  7. Attempt to start the task. If you meet the criteria, you'll be able to proceed.    
  8. If you do not meet the criteria, an error message will appear, indicating you cannot perform the task.    
  9. Log out of the system once you have attempted to start the task or completed any other actions.    
  10. For users who are not authorized, it is recommended to contact the job or task administrator if you believe this is an error.